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Dates City Show/Venue
Jan 12-14, 2018 Oklahoma City, OK OKC Boat, RV & Tackle Show
OK State Fair Park
Jan 29-Feb 4, 2018 Tulsa, OK Tulsa Boat, Sport & Travel Show
Tulsa Fair Grounds
Mar 2 - 4, 2018 Oklahoma City, OK Backwoods Hunting & Fishing Expo
OK State Fair Park

See you there!

Other possible shows under consideration. Look for future announcements.


Fish caught in Red River. Great to see the new generation out there catching fish. Check out those Meathunter Rods!

David Holt caught this 75lb Blue Catfish on Lake Texoma with his 7' Meat Hunter Flex (MHF071S)

We hit the water for a little Memorial Day catfishing. I thought I would send you a picture or two of what the Meat Hunters put on the boat. All three of us caught our limit for a total of 45 blue cats!!! Thanks for making such a great rod!!!

Jacob Scott

Rheanna's dad sent in this picture of the 101.5 lb blue cat she caught two weeks ago down on Wheeler in Alabama (same area that Chris caught his 104 lb previously). It was caught on a 9' MH blanks her dad Chris had built and he says "she couldn't have caught it with any other rod". Chris wanted us to know how much he counts on and depends on Meat Hunter rods. Thanks for the picture Chris & congrats on the catch Rheanna!

Jeff Bartlett caught these on Meat Hunter Flex (Slingshot) and Meat Hunter Custom 8 ft rods, 65 lb. Powerpro line and cut bait on Oolagah and Verdigris River.

George Patten caught this spoonbill caught at Gavins Point Dam near Yankton South Dakota. The fish was almost 6 feet long and weighed 63 pounds; a long skinny one.

I caught this spoonbill below Kaw Dam, Oklahoma in April of 2012 on my 13 foot MHR Meat Hunter

Jason Metzger

A couple of blue cats, both caught in a tournament on a 7FT Custom Meat Hunter rod with an Okuma Avenger ABF50. Bigger one was 54lbs and the Meat Hunter handled it very well. Tyler Huffman & Dusty Brown, Topeka KS

Here is a photo of the fish caught by Jacob Spann using a 12" Meat Hunter his father Paul bought two years ago. Paul says" You guys are great. I have used a lot of rods in my life but the rods you build are of the highest quality and By far the best I've ever owned. Keep up the good work"

Gary Taylor, Jr caught this 102# Blue Catfish around Booneville, MO from his boat on the Missouri River. His rod was a MHR0701C. Way to go Gary!

Meat Hunter Two-Piece Rods (Sumo Blanks) are the strongest and most durable in the business!

Madison Honel's father bought her a new pink wrapped Meat Hunter rod at Mr. Crappie’s Bait & Tackle in Fort Gibson, OK. Madison snagged a 20-lb spoonbill with her new Meat Hunter rod!

Here are a couple pictures of fish I caught on your rods. Caught around 30 fish that night over 25lbs, a flathead 50lbs and less than 30 minutes got a 65lb blue. Thought you might like to see them.

Hervy Thompson
Warsaw MO

Hey Guys,

Just want to let you know I caught a 66.9 lb. lake record Blue Cat on one of your Meat Hunter rods. Caught it on a BWS 0902 9' heavy action rod (MHR0902S). The rod performed perfectly during the 30 minute battle. I wish I had pics of the way he had it doubled over. Just want to thank you for delivering a product that does what it's intended to do. We had 5 rods out & I got lucky when he hit on the only Meat Hunter I own; if he'd a hit on one of my lighter rods I'd be SOL! If anyone doubts the quality of a Meat Munter just show them my record Blue. I've attached a couple pics & a link to the Dept. of Wildlife record fish page with all the info.

Thanks Again,
Paul Shakula, Edmond Ok.

Send your testimonial and picture of your fish caught on your
Meat Hunter rod to info@rfsportsinc.com.

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